St. Paul's Lutheran Church

335 N. 8th Street Albia IA 52531


Sunday: 10:00 am
stained glass

Covid19 Important Information

Worship Options

Please remember that during this time, St. Paul's still has expenses.

Please send your donations directly to the church office or use your bank's autopay system.

Welcome to St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church!

Pastor Nancy Reed

We are a group of faithful folks who are called by Christ to love God and our neighbor through deepening prayer, broadening fellowship, and expanding worship. We have been challenged in how we do all that in these times of pandemic. But we do worship every Sunday in the church parking lot in our cars. We start gathering at 9:30 am for 10:00 am worship. We contribute to the needs of the community through an association of churches. And as St. Paul says in the letter to the Thessalonians, we pray without ceasing, for all of God's creation.

We are called to tell others about God's love. We love sharing our stories of God working in our lives. And we will love hearing your story, too. You are invited to join us as we seek to determine what it means to be church in these days of Covid-19. If you would like more information call 641-932-7270 or email me at

Together, may we know the abundance of God's grace, mercy and love.

Pastor Karen Ullestad

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